SalesHive® Sales Enablement App is a global solution that drives your marketing team to effectively deliver powerful content and your sales team to engage with customers and offer an interactive personalized customer experience.


Microsoft Certified

Why Companies Need Sales Enablement

Does your company have these problems?

  • Your marketing & sales teams are not BFFs
  • You don’t have an overall visibility on your marketing collateral, market insights & competition profiles
  • You spend money creating marketing materials that your sales team don’t know they exist
  • Your sales team spend a lot of time to find or re-create content
  • Your sales team cannot answer all your prospects inquiries without referring to someone else
  • You spend tremendous amount of time passing the knowledge to new team members

With SalesHive Sales Enablement App:

  • Marketing & sales teams collaborate more than ever
  • Marketing & sales information are consolidated under one platform
  • Market insights & industry news are available in live feeds
  • Your marketing team can prepare their marketing plans swiftly
  • Your sales team offer your prospects a personalized & interactive experience
  • Your sales team can access needed materials on the go in offline mode
  • Your new employees can access & learn all about your organization, products & brands


For Marketing

  • Manage, organize and control marketing content effectively
  • Centralize access to all sales and marketing collateral
  • Give your sales team consistent content materials to sales teams
  • Train your marketing team in no time
  • Integrate with SalesHive Digital Asset Management solution 

For Sales Leadership

  • Increase productivity and speed up sales cycle
  • Access materials anywhere you are
  • Convert with a personalized, one-on-one customer experience
  • Increase accuracy when forecasting
  • Train your sales team in no time
  • Integrate with CRM/ERP for more insights


    • Intuitive user interface
    • Instant alerts
    • Unlimited Users
    • Integrates with other marketing tools through APIs
    • Expandable with full access control
    • Data protection and control
    • On the go online and offline
    • Through RSS for Industry News and Market Insights


Technology Used

  • Windows
  • SQL Server
  • Web API

Consultancy Services

Besides our comprehensive product portfolio, we can also consult and help you analyze your business needs and requirements to better tailor our solutions to your needs. Consultancy services focus on helping you:

  • Define your business requirements
  • Propose solution host in relation to infrastructure and budget
  • Propose optimized solution to customize the app and integrate with other tools
  • Propose hardware needs in relation to infrastructure, process and budget
  • Define your technical pre-requisites
  • Define the DAM infrastructure
  • Recommend devices
  • Analyze available marketing collateral
  • Propose and develop marketing materials in-line with set strategy
Ask for our consultancy services